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Orthodontist Las Vegas

A lot of people, especially those who have never worn braces, cannot make a distinction between a dentist and an orthodontist. The fact is that dentists and orthodontists have different qualifications hence offer different oral treatments. Sahara Dental is an orthodontist in Las Vegas and is well versed with correcting misalignment of jaws and teeth mostly using permanent and temporary appliances. The procedures are done by an orthodontist help in correcting an irregular bite, aligning teeth and lips, straightening teeth and removing gaps. Aligning crooked teeth is important since they are harder to clean and puts you at risk of periodontal disease and dental cavities. Here are some orthodontist procedures;

Orthodontal Braces

Braces are the most common orthodontic procedure. Your regular dentist might refer you to an orthodontist if you have an improper bite or crooked teeth. Brackets are fixed on the front part of the teeth, and the wire is passed through them. The wire is fastened to bands that are anchored onto teeth. The orthodontist tightens the wire which exerts tension on the teeth and slowly repositions the teeth. Monthly visits to the orthodontist will ensure the desired results are achieved; which can take a few months or a few years. Contrary to popular thinking, braces are not only for kids and teens since adult braces exist. Adults can get cosmetic braces (wire is on the inner side), or night-time braces.

Orthodontal Clear Teeth Aligners

Unlike braces, clear aligners are a chain of custom retainers that are fitted to slip onto teeth. Made from clear plastic, aligners are fitted over teeth. These tight-fitting appliances force teeth into the proper arrangement but without visible brackets and wire like regular braces. Clear aligners are a solution for teens and adults who want to straighten their smile in a discreet way. They cannot, however, be used on young children since their mouths are still developing. Patients with cross-bite, severe teeth crowding, overbites, under-bites and space problems need more intensive treatment and aligners won’t cut it. Every few weeks, your orthodontist Las Vegas will replace the aligners with new ones to keep repositioning the teeth.

Orthodontal Correction of bite problems

Cross-bite: This often happens when the upper jaw is narrower and results in a misaligned bite. It is fixed using a palatal (maxillary) expander which increases the upper jaw’s width. The appliance is fixed on the roof of the mouth and pushes molars on either side to exert pressure. Even after the width is increased, you still have to wear them for a few more months to ensure the new growth bone matures. The orthodontist will instruct you on how to turn the appliance periodically.

Over-bite: When the upper jaw or upper teeth overhang forward than the lower jaw (overjet), it results in an over-bite. A Forsus appliance can be fitted like braces with dual springs to push an oversized upper jaw backward. A Herst appliance can also be used to decrease jaw overlap by pushing the lower jaw forward. If the upper jaw is protruding forwards, elastic bands can be used to correct misalignment.

Under-bite: Under-bite is when the lower jaw is further forwards that the upper jaw, mostly a result of the upper jaw being underdeveloped. Facemasks are a headgear appliance used to push the upper jaw forward. They can be worn from the age of six, which is important because the lower jaw develops faster at puberty.
These bite problems among others like space problems and overcrowding can be performed by an orthodontist Las Vegas.

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