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Dental Bonding In Las Vegas

Perfect your smile with world-class dental bonding in Las Vegas.

If you’re coping with minor cracks, chips, crookedness or discoloration, dental bonding can be the simple procedure you need to restore your flawless smile.

Simple and cost-effective, dental bonding is a time-tested and popular alternative to more intensive restoration procedures. In just one visit, your dentist can repair your imperfections and leave you with a gorgeous, flawless smile.

Dental bonding is a cosmetic procedure that fixes cracks, chips and other imperfections in your smile. Using a bonding substance of composite resin, your dentist will smooth over your damaged tooth leaving it looking healthy and restored.

During your dental bonding procedure, your dentist will apply composite resin that has been color-matched to fit your tooth to the damaged area. Your dentist will then smooth over the imperfections and sculpt your new tooth. Using a special light, the composite resin will be hardened into place, permanently repairing the damage and seamlessly restoring the surface of your tooth.

After Your Procedure

With proper care, your dental bonding can last for many years. Be careful of staining your dental bonding and avoid wine, coffee, or cigarettes. Be sure to brush regularly and schedule routine cleanings and examinations to keep your smile looking its best.

Our Las Vegas dental bonding patients love how this simple and cost-effective procedure can remarkably enhance their smile in just one visit.

Don’t delay! If minor imperfections are keeping you from having the perfect smile, call Sahara Dental Center to discuss your options for world-class dental bonding in Las Vegas.

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