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Oral Surgeon


Oral surgeon Las Vegas

Oral surgery is a type of corrective surgery that can be done on the jaws, neck, face, the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Oral surgery is also known as maxillofacial surgery which implies the areas around the jaw and the lower face. Oral surgeon Las Vegas are highly skilled and trained in minor surgery, dentistry and general medicine. A deep understanding of the oral anatomy is important for the oral surgeons to be competent in oral procedures. These dental surgeons should also have a wide understanding of the tools and equipment used in dental surgery. Training in the following fields is necessary for every oral surgeon to acquire certification to provide dental services; cosmetic facial surgery, microvascular reconstruction, cleft surgery and cranial-maxillofacial trauma.

Oral diseases treated by Oral surgery

Oral surgery is performed on various areas on the face mostly around the oral and jaw region. This form of dental surgery can be used to treat various oral disorders. Here are a few oral irregularities treated by dental surgery;

Jaw related problems fixed with Oral Surgery

Irregular jaw growth. In some individuals, the upper and lower jaw may fail to grow symmetrically. This means that either the upper or the lower jaw may be bigger than the other causing difficulty in eating, chewing, speaking and even breathing. For such an oral disorder, oral surgery may be needed to assist in resizing the jaws and allowing for a more even look.

Dysfunctional temporomandibular joint. The joint found in front of the ear connecting the lower jaw and the skull is a very important articulatory organ. If this joint is wrongly aligned, it may cause a lot of headache and pain in the side of the face. Such a dysfunction is highly sensitive and may require an advanced form of surgery to correct. Oral surgeon Las Vegas can effectively provide physical therapy, oral medication, and splints to help in correcting this problem.

Fitting dentures

Dentures are temporary dental models that are placed on the oral cavity to compensate for missing teeth or a rugged dental formula. When fitting these dentures, it may become a problem when the oral cavity is smaller than the dentures allocated. Oral surgery may need to be performed to provide enough space for the dentures to fit. In the long-term, dental surgery can as well be used to reinforce the supporting bone of the dentures. Over time, the bone lying on the oral cavity that supports the dentures may wear out, and a bone graft may be necessitated through oral surgery.

Impacted tooth

In most people, the third molar may refuse to prop up properly. The small gap between the second molar and the end of the oral cavity may be too small for the molar to grow sufficiently. This may lead to a toothache and or swelling at the affected area. It can also lead to the destruction of nearby teeth and gums which can be very detrimental to an individual. Oral surgery can be executed to have the “impacted” tooth removed to avoid any uneasiness that may be caused.

Inputting dental implants

Fixing dental implants requires oral surgery. These implants are fixed all the way to the root. They are meant to stay permanently and pose as normal, natural teeth.

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